Belizean Photographer

Belize offers the perfect scenery for landscape photography. I truly enjoy showcasing the beauty Belize has to offer as I travel the country for work or pleasure. I do photography on the side to express my creativity and to experiment as I journey through becoming a better photographer.


You can follow my work via my Instagram: @jccuellar . You can get to see recent work and my every changing list of favorite photographs I take. Lately I have gotten into aerial landscape photography but I try not to stray too much as there is something very intimate about being behind the camera and dailing in what I need to capture the scene I see.

Shoots & Prints

If there's a photo you see on here that you'd like a print of, contact me through the Contact page. Also, if you are interested in Drone Photography/Video or a traditional shoot for portraits, Real Estate or Resort etc., you can also reach me via the Contact Page.

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